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PhoneKeyAbout Zubie™

Zubie is a connected car solution that makes driving and owning a car safer, easier and less expensive. It uses a smart plug-in device, the Zubie Key, to plug directly into the car’s On-board Diagnostics (OBD) port and capture valuable vehicle and driving data for car owners and drivers — location tracking, driving patterns, vehicle health and alerts, and more.

What Zubie offers customers

Zubie benefits users/drivers through cost-savings, driver improvement, and personal and family safety:

  • Cost savings — Zubie offers a range of “car health” (vehicle diagnostics) capabilities that enable car owners to proactively monitor their cars’ health, saving dollars in the process. For example: Zubie can tell a user not just the cause of “check engine light” or other trouble alerts, but also offers useful tips and repair estimates. Zubie can provide a vehicle profile, complete with resale value. Zubie users will soon have the opportunity to save money on service center fees and parts, and have the opportunity to enjoy lower insurance premiums as well.
  • Driver Improvement — Zubie tracks driving behavior based on key metrics. It provides drivers with helpful alerts on driving behavior (like speeding or hard brakes) and detailed reports to improve family member (teens or elderly drivers) skills on the road. The driver profile readouts are great for conversations with teen drivers. From a networking/social perspective, users can compete with others, earning and sharing badges.
  • Family/Personal Safety — Zubie location-based features help users keep family drivers safer by knowing exactly where they are at all times. Zubie Place Alerts notify the user when family members come and go from places that matter– like school, home, or work– or when they travel outside of a set boundary. For parents with teen drivers, the Zubie App eliminates the need to text for location updates


The Zubie Advantage

Technology — Zubie is an always-connected Smart Car Technology, as opposed to Bluetooth-based, phone-dependent technology. From the moment a car is turned on, the Zubie Key (OBD device) is collecting data and transmitting it to our cloud. Our Smartphone apps talk to the cloud as well, giving the Zubie user the same capabilities regardless of where he/she is.

Why is our Always-Connected solution better?

  • The car is always connected and collecting data, independent of the phone or even location. This capability allows a parent to monitor a teen driver’s location and driving
    behavior — an advantage that takes driving scores beyond just fun and games to really improve safety.
  • Always-connected enables some really compelling features such as Theft/tow detection and Battery-Drain alerts which are all about monitoring the user’s car when he/she is not there. Over 50% of breakdowns are battery related. We can alert the user before the battery dies.
  • These features are simply not possible with a Bluetooth-paired device. Zubie makes your car smart all the time, not just when you’re in it.
  • This complete, always-on picture of driving and vehicle activity is valued by the insurance industry for providing discounts. We know because we’ve spent many months working with insurance industry leaders and have signed a deal with one of the top online insurance brokers to provide offers within the app.

Testing — Our hardware has been deployed in more than 200 vehicles since October 2012, logging more than 300,000 miles on 50,000 trips.

Management Team — Zubie is going to market with $8M in investment capital and a management team with leadership experience in developing/launching consumer, wireless and Internet-based products for companies like Sprint, HP, Best Buy and Network Solutions.

Accessing Zubie

The Zubie Key plugs directly into the car’s On-board Diagnostics (OBD) port (generally located under the dash and steering wheel) without requiring special set-up or complex network connection. From the moment the ignition is turned on, the Zubie Key begins capturing the vehicle and driving data that is of most value for car owners and drivers — location tracking, driving patterns, vehicle health and alerts, and more.

Zubie’s Privacy Commitment

Phone_TripWidgetZubie data is kept confidential. Customers will always consent whether their data is shared in exchange for new high value features – like automobile service discounts, insurance discounts, etc. Zubie operates on important principles when it comes to privacy.

Security – Customer data is kept secure – powered by the most sophisticated data and services technology out there

Data Ownership – Customer data always belongs to the customer and the customer only. It is only shared with other parties if the customer wishes to do so (i.e. for an offer or discount) and Zubie will always make it clear who has been authorized.

Privacy – Sharing features such as location groups are private to Zubie and never exposed on facebook or foursquare. Customers may choose to explicitly share certain elements such as achievements but never their location.

Zubie Availability

Zubie is now in the App Store and will soon be added to Google Play for the Android users.

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